Detail of a ste table at Hotel Giardino Marling in Merano A waiter serving two dishes at the Hotel's restaurant in detail Detail of a tray of cakes prepared for a gourmet holiday in South Tyrol

Gourmet Holiday
at Giardino Marling

The secret tip for YOUR taste buds: Our Hotel Giardino Marling in Merano

To lose yourself in the moment, in the elegant ambience, and to feel the pure pleasure of the moment... Devotion to expert culinary technique allows our top chefs to create something truly fantastic from simple, fresh ingredients and to bring you joy with their expertly prepared delights. Whether it's South Tyrolean specialities, refined Mediterranean dishes or sweet delights, our outstanding kitchen will enchant your senses. You will become an expert in the art of taking time over your meal: at breakfast, lunch and at the daily evening gourmet menu, you will find yourself totally relaxed, surrounded by the extraordinary views of the spa town of Merano.


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