Outside staircase of Hotel Giardino Marling with palms Quiet zone on Hotel Giardino Marling's roof with view of the valley View from the roof pool of Giardino Marling on sunbeds, sunshades and the landscape Roof pool with lounge beds and view of the mountains Terrace with poufs and loungebeds with view of the landscape surrounding Marling Sunbeds and sunsheds on the roof of Hotel Giardino Marling Wicker furniture on the terrace with view of the palms and pool of the Hotel in Marling View of the pool and the lawn with sunbeds and sunsheds
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Giardino Marling:
The magical 5 Star Hotel in Marling

How exquisitely beautiful a view can be

“When the eye finds peace, the spirit finds peace.

Then we can sink deeply into the moment –
close our eyes and enter into ourselves,
or open our eyes and see more clearly.
Or take in a view that allows us
to forget absolutely everything …”

In what used to be the Hunting Lodge Hotel, our aim has always been to take care of the minds, bodies and souls of our guests in a genuinely devoted atmosphere. This tradition is being continued and brought up-to-date in Giardino Marling where we also strive to embrace nature all around us.

Come to our fairytale 5 star hotel in Marling for exquisite views. Here, where heaven and earth meet and the South Tyrolean sun intensifies the colours as if by magic, you can find a little paradise even for the most discerning eye. To enjoy these views to their fullest you will find a multiplicity of terraces, meadows, gardens and enormous panoramic windows in our hotel.