Spring photo of the little church in Marlengo near Merano, in South Tyrol Girl holding a bouquet of wild flowers during a parade of traditional costumes of South Tyrol Overview on the Meranerland from Marling
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Meran Italy and surroundings

Mediterranean lifestyle in the Alps

Small secrets for your vacation close to Meran Italy in the 5 star Wellness Hotel Giardino Marling. Discover a range of attractions, which combine culture, fun and tradition with each other and will make your holiday even more unique.

South Tirol also offers an exciting programme of unmissable events. We’ve put together a small selection of highlights that can be downloaded here.
On a cultural level, South Tirol has a great deal to offer: there are many museums just waiting to be explored.

  • Botanical Garden - Trauttmansdorff Cast

    On the sunny slopes, which crown Meran, the flowering gardens of the Trauttmansdorff Castle spread out.

    At the center of the garden, towers the castle where the Empress Sissi dwelled twice during her winter cures. Already at that time the first exotic plants were planted.

    Today the gardens are divided in four different sectors of vegetation and are excellent for taking wonderful walks over an overall surface of 8,5 hectares.

    In the castle there is also the Museum of Tourism which was opened in Spring 2003. A place which deserves a visit.


  • Garda Lake

    Sun, strands and lake - though this is not all the Garda Lake and its beautiful surroundings can offer you. The largest lake in Italy, 51,6 km long and 17,2 km wide, is only 118 km from Marlengo and offers enchanting landscapes, interesting sights and a Southern atmosphere.


  • Verona

    A visit to Verona has always been an important event for the big travelers of the past since the Scaligeri town ranks in an outstanding position among the most important destinations throughout the world. Actually, there are at least two reasons to be enchanted by Verona: first of all the many interesting sights to visit, the cultural shows and the opera festival at the Arena and, last but not least, that it is the town where the romantic and touching love story of Rome and Juliet was born.


  • Bozen

    This regional capital is a charming town where the Italian atmosphere is most strongly perceived. The old town and its porticoes are a real shopping paradise and the Archaeological Museum with the Frozen Fritz no doubt represents the greatest attraction of this alpine area.