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What our guests say

Time-honoured quality in new surroundings

There are many reasons to visit South Tirol and particularly Marling. What guests particularly valued at the Jagdhof and now at Giardino Marling and why it is so wonderful here is a tale best told by you yourselves. Here are the voices of some of our guests, who have been able to capture the spirit of our hotel is just a few words and which make us feel proud. Giardino Marling is the most recent step in our journey of change: our core values remain while the structure of the hotel has become ever more elegant and light-infused. We feel that the name sums up the new atmosphere.

.. on the Ambience and the Atmosphere

“There are so many small details that matter and all have been so lovingly taken care of. In the beautiful bedrooms you feel completely looked after. Everything is so clean and perfectly arranged.”

“The hotel is never hectic, even when it is fully-booked. In the evening it is so wonderful to sit on the balcony and look out at the sea of lights that is Merano. Every day I look forward to the "beautiful sentiments" at the breakfast table. The fresh flowers all over the house always make me feel happy, it really is wonderful.”

... on the Service

“Every wish is fulfilled. The flower-covered birthday table was an incredible surprise. We travel a lot and what we really value is the attentive, friendly and yet discreet service. We have been very impressed with the value for money here. We don’t have a car and we have found the convenient public transport connections a real bonus.”

... on the Garden

“The flowers are always a feast for the eyes. The delicious smell of the roses stayed with me the course of the afternoon. The view of the valley and up to the mountains is something truly great. I really appreciate it that I am always able to find a comfortable spot in the pool.”

... on the Cuisine

“I find the cuisine very light and varied. The food has been very creatively prepared and everything is wonderfully fresh. We were there for two weeks and never ate the same meal twice. My husband loves sweets above all and the dessert buffet was pure paradise for him. The size of the portions was just right - we were just full enough without feeling uncomfortable.”