Relax with
a yoga holiday in South Tyrol
at Hotel Giardino Marling

Train your body and soul through yoga

Yoga leads to inner peace and to an improved quality of life at any age. It is our aim to help you to seek, find and enjoy the sensation of inner balance that you will achieve in your yoga holiday in South Tyrol. Roll out your yoga mat, close your eyes and discover an everlasting source of peace and strength. Regardless of whether you come to yoga as a complete beginner, or have already embarked upon the path to meditation, your holistic path to physical and spiritual health through yoga is just a few clicks away!

Are you ready for a few days of pure relaxation?

We have no doubt that Giardino Marling will soon become your favourite place to practice yoga. It may be that you feel your best in a yoga studio, but it might also be amongst the trees in our gardens or next to a white hydrangea in full bloom. If you like to train with others, you can select a weekly programme or one of many organised yoga retreats that we put on in conjunction with selected yoga instructors that we bring to Marling especially. In addition to free weekly yoga sessions, Giardino Marling also offers yoga retreats throughout the year.

Yoga is an
age-old art,
that connects
body, soul
and spirit.