Silence lives here.
And the pleasure of lightness

The Hotel in Marling,
a touch of class

5 star hotel Giardino Marling, your SPA-Hotel in Merano

A Mediterranean jewel. A hideaway on a different level. Our family run hotel in Marling is a place of being, rather than having to be. Just enter and discover how exquisite and relaxing it feels …

Yours, Ulrike Klammer

Arrive and
rediscover yourself

The atmosphere in this 5 Star family hotel in Marling, in the Merano Valley

Fine furnishings and natural nuances. Perhaps you will sense it when you feel a silk curtain slipping ever so gently through your fingers or when your children are snuggled in between the cushions ... The atmosphere at Giardino Marling is one of peace and tranquillity far removed from your day-to-day world, wherever that may be.

Feel fantastic during your stay with us

Close your eyes
and let yourself be carried away

5 star hotel Giardino Marling, your quiet retreat in the Merano Valley

"Creating a private retreat characterised by quietness, light and comfort for each and every guest." This was our vision when designing the rooms and suites at the Giardino Marling, in order to meet the natural need for quietness and cosiness of humans.

Sleep well during your stay with us

Let body and
soul feel peaceful

Savour the moment in the Giardino Marling wellness hotel

"When the view is peaceful, the soul too feels at peace. And that is when you can be deeply in the moment – looking deeply inwards with closed eyes, and opening your eyes to the world around you. Or at one particular view that makes you forget everything else..."

Relax during your stay with us

Find balance
in being outdoors

Finally you can breathe freely, here in the park of the Giardino Marling Hotel

Breathe in, breathe out. Open your heart and listen. Of their own accord your senses will awaken in the beauty of our park, where the deep green and contrasting blue of our salt water pools will re-energise and restore you.

Breathe deeply during your stay with us

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