a young man working out in the fitness centre of the Giardino Marling a young man with a dumbbell works out his biceps at the Giardino Marling a young man on the treadmill at the Giardino Marling a couple playing tennis on the tennis court of the Giardino Marling Yoga mats, blankets and seat cushions: everything is ready for the yoga class at the Giardino Marling a young lady meditating cross-legged at the Hotel Giardino Marling

One of the best
hotels in South Tyrol

for your active holidays

Giardino Marling as the ideal starting point for all kinds of activities

Without even having to leave our hotel, we offer a multitude of options to stay fit and active: professionally-led courses, from Pilates to bums 'n tums to water aerobics, as well as meditation and yoga. There are also mountain bike tours and guided hikes twice a week. You can look forward to the best active holiday you have ever had: fit, healthy and yet full of the feel-good factor. The perfect balance of Yin and Yang awaits you at Giardino Marling!

You can look forward to an extensive and constantly changing activity offer for your holiday in South Tyrol. Below you can take a look at the wide range of activities on offer 7 days a week, which can be reserved free of charge.

Your Personal Training

For personalised health and fitness training, you can also book personal training sessions at Hotel Giardino Marling with qualified personal trainers: stabilisation training for your posture, strength training, weight reduction, stretching exercises and relaxation techniques. But also water aerobics or pilates ...

50 minutes at € 75

Advanced personal training
with movement and body analysis:

small € 79.-
medium € 220.-
large € 290.-